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At A Balanced Mind, LLC in Harrisonville, MO, we offer practical solutions to mental health issues by listening to you and developing a strong, trusting relationship, which we believe is the key to successful treatment. You are not alone in your struggles; many people have trouble coping from time to time. Whether you’re in need of individual counseling or couples therapy or you’re in the midst of a family feud, we are here to help you get through your issues safely and effectively.

Effective therapy conducted by professionals has tangible and proven results. Our practice offers solution-focused counseling with resolution in mind. Our mission is to relieve your issues through effective therapy and get you to an improved state of mind. We believe through the help of dedicated professionals and a desire to develop strong communication, almost any issue can be resolved. Our professionally trained therapists are licensed to diagnose and treat mental and emotional disorders within the context of marriage, couples, and family systems,

Located in Cass County, we serve everyone in the region. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our therapists or to ask about our line of services. We look forward to serving you!


Our mental health providers have been expertly trained to work with various mental and emotional health issues. We’ll help you get on the right track.


Our office space is designed with our patients in mind. We promote a calm and relaxed atmosphere that helps to ease stress and reduce anxiety.


Everything you talk about with your counselor is the standard confidentiality. Here, you are free to be open and honest without fear of judgement or retaliation.

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